Mind, Map, and Fill the Gap

An essential step in the content strategist's process of getting from discovery to delivery is an assessment of the gap between current and future state. In concert with the content audit, we create what is called a gap analysis, which informs the need for content revision and creation to ensure that content meets user and business needs. 

Our newest article, Map the Gap: A Simple Grid Approach to Successful Content Gap Analysis, presents a model for a simple grid that you can use to track your buyer and user journeys, business goals, and the content to support each along the path. Filling out the grid allows you to capture the content needs against which to assess current state content--if you don't have content to support a step along the path, you've identified a gap to be filled. 

The gap map is also a helpful tool for planning for content personalization by helping you identify where you may need variations of content to meet user goals. Use the map as a handy way to align stakeholders on the goals as well. 

Read the article, download the sample grid, and give it a try in your next content project.