A Strategic Approach to Web Sites

A well-planned strategy sets the foundation for your entire digital platform as well as capturing user, business, and project requirements. To be effective, this strategy has to be referenced at every step of the project timeline from the analysis phase, where it is defined, to the UX and design, to the development, content creation, and ongoing maintenance and management.

There are three core principles to our strategic approach.


Value-centered Strategy

Value-centered strategy is the foundation for how we approach all projects. It begins with discovery of the business goals and requirements and the user requirements for all of the audiences. The strategy is defined by an analysis of where these goals align and intersect with what is “on brand.” This strategic “sweet spot” defines the top priorities for a project to deliver the greastet return on investment for the business and the highest return on engagement for a successful user experience.


Content-first Design

One of the most important findings from decades of user research is that a user’s perception of the site and the brand is based more on being able to successfully accomplish goals and find the right content than on a sexy design. This is why we start with the strategy and analysis needed to design a successful user experience that delivers the right content for the right user at the right time.


Prioritization and Planning

Requirements have to meet reality — without a collision. Part of our strategic approach is helping you prioritize your project requirements, factoring in the technology, capabilities, and needs against the
constraints of time and budget. While we develop functionality with an agile approach that incorporates user acceptance testing and review throughout the sprints, we don’t skip defining a cohesive plan up front.