User-Centered, Content-First

Our user experience process is content-first, not design first. We don’t do expensive shiny objects that don’t deliver on your goals. We never recommend a site feature because we think it’s “cool.” We design
what we know will work.

We build your site structure to deliver on your user goals and your business goals first knowing that good design comes from a usable site and good content. Because we take the time to build the right strategic
approach first, every thing we build into your site blueprint is there for a reason — a reason tied to best practices, user goals and delivering for your business.

Typical user experience deliverables include:

Site Architecture

The site architecture, or site map, is a map of the proposed site structure. It’s based on requirements gathered from the user goals and stakeholder interviews, content strategy, and business objectives. It indicates how the content will be organized and the navigation structure of the site.

Wire Frames

Wire frames are a blueprint of the site’s navigation and content layout. We plan the wires with your business requirements and development environment in mind so that the resulting work is an accurate, in-scope guide for your site design and development.

For component-based sites, we plan each component with user stories to guide development. We identify and plan for the right set of components for the site’s  content strategy and for the most efficient development.

Prototypes and User Stories

We work on both waterfall and agile/scrum projects. 

For waterfall projects, we deliver click-able prototypes that can be used for user testing or presentations to stakeholders.

For agile/scrum projects, we are Scrum Master Certified, and can document our work with user stories and work as part of a scrum team.

Digital Strategy

We plan your site so that it works as part of your entire digital strategy cross-channel, including mobile and social media.

Personalization Strategy

For platforms with personalization, we can help you leverage those capabiities to deliver the right content to the right user at the right time.
We identify and plan effective content for your targeting and personalization when and where it fits your user goals and marketing plans.
Our experience includes the taxonomic structures to support delivering targeted content.