Putting Information in its Place

Taxonomy can refer both to the organization of content on a site for navigation and to the system of classifying and labeling content. At Strategic Content, we have years of experience in creating taxonomies and metadata vocabularies and schemas for content-rich sites using tagging to enable rich cross-linking, content reuse and presentation in context, and search engine optimization. We also specialize in taxonomy and metadata solutions that enable large ecommerce sites to manage product information, product comparisons, and faceted navigation. Learn more about the value of a taxonomy and metadata strategy.

 Taxonomy Development

  • Navigational taxonomies that structure the content on the site, built on an understanding of the breadth and depth of the content, how users browse, and the terms people use when searching a site.
  • Product taxonomies to support e-commerce product management, filtering, and navigation.
  • Descriptive taxonomies to ensure consistency of terminology across site navigation and content, resulting in a better user experience for customers.

Metadata Schema Development

Metadata schemas enable tagging content for internal content management and site build processes as well as customer-facing features such as improved search, filtering, and personalization or other targeted delivery mechanisms.

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