SEO, SEM, and Analytics

Our SEO approach combines search optimization with conversion rate optimization so you won’t just see increased traffic, you’ll see increased results.

We can scale our services from providing the initial assessment and recommendations to executing the optimization and ongoing monitoring, reporting and improvement.

SEO services include:
• Best Practices Assessment
• Keyword Analysis
• Competitive Analysis
• On-site SEO
• Off-site SEO
• Paid Search
• Page Optimization
• Analytics and Reporting
• Site Map Submission
• Google Listing Support
• Penalty Resolution
• Conversion Rate Optimization
• Site Analytics Monitoring

Structured Data, Social Meta Data, and Rich Snippets

Adding the right microdata to key content in your site will help Google results display rich snippets, or detailed information from your site that matches a user’s specific query.

Better, richer search results that match a query mean more traffic to your site. More targeted social media link descriptions and a preferred image to display increase the effectiveness of your social media efforts.

We can assist you with how and where to apply microdata to your site content to get the right content from your site visible in Google search and other sites that display structured data.


Taxonomy and metadata play an important role in content discoverability, whether through navigational structures, tagging for content management and retrieval, or creating vocabularies for in-content keywords for SEO. 

Learn more about our taxonomy services.