Design and Development Services

Having a solid content strategy and user experience plan provides a foundation for success. Strategic Content can help you build from there. Our services are flexible. We’re happy to work with your in-house design and development teams. We can also provide services for site design and development. We can create content and assist with content migration and publication.

Our Process

Our process is a content-first approach. We know design is important, but we also know that a pretty design is not a substitute for a usable site with great content.

Our designers won’t prioritize their creative vision over delivering a site that works.

For development services, we first discover your site requirements and the technology platform. Then, we staff the project with experienced resources who can fulfill the requirements and have a background with the selected development platform.

Our development experience includes responsive design, database integration, dynamic content, and component-based CMS platforms. We leverage an “informed agile” process, where we work from a
cohesive plan and scope, but test and develop in sprints as an integrated team.

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