Our Approach

At Strategic Content, we approach content strategy from the perspective that an informed decision is a good one. We believe that you can’t craft an effective strategy without a thorough grounding in the business and user needs, the existing content ecosystem, and the role that content plays in fulfilling your organization’s goals.

When we create a content strategy, we follow a process that assesses where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. We provide strategic direction and detailed, tactical plans for delivering on the strategy.

If the content and the overall experience on your site does not support the tasks your audience needs to complete, it will not achieve your business goals either.

Content strategy is both tactical and strategic. There are activities and processes that go into developing and implementing a plan to create or improve content but these tactics must be in support of a larger vision. That vision should be based on a nuanced understanding of your audiences and their various informational, entertainment, or commercial needs, as well as understanding the context in which they are acting.

Learn more about the Strategic Content content strategy development process and how we develop strategies that help you and your customers reach your goals.