From Inventory to Insight

Over at our sister site, Content Insight, we have been developing a series of articles on how to move from a content inventory to a content audit—i.e., how to add the qualitative measures that supplement the inventory data and help the strategist develop actionable insights.

The first in the series, A Template for Content Inventory and Audit, explains how the automated content inventory created by the Content Analysis Tool (CAT) provides the template for an audit (no need to download someone else's spreadsheet template) and data that is immediately useful for auditing site quality.

The second article, Auditing for Content Performance, takes the audit a step further with the addition of analytics data, providing helpful tips on what data to add to your audit and how to use it to make content decisions.

The latest in the series is on Using Personas in Content Audits. Personas are often thought to be the realm of user experience designers, but this article argues that content strategists should be involved from the start in the development and use of the personas to make sure that content needs are addressed. The article provides tips on how to audit content against heuristics based on persona needs.

The Resources section of the Content Insight site offers other helpful articles on the basics of content inventories and how to create them effectively, content audits, using inventories to track website content, and how to turn a content inventory into a matrix.